We provide complete programs
& personalized solutions
for holistic care & treatment.

Knowing the limits of the application of the method, either as a complementary treatment or as a stand-alone treatment, we follow a program based on your body so that we can get as close and quickly as possible to the desired result.
Although this method is applied to the feet, it works for ailments in all your organs to restore the body. A series of sessions are necessary to improve or eliminate certain conditions, such as pain in specific causes.
After the session, you can go to work without going off schedule.

Maternity Reflexology

Maternity Reflexology is a subsector that provides solutions and balance to various diagnoses related to conception, such as hormonal imbalance Lh, FSH, TSH, etc., improvement in egg quality, improvement in sperm quality, etc. During pregnancy, it is applied from the 1st day of conception to the last day of the presumed labor date or whenever the baby wishes to arrive. In the 1st stage of labor, the pain intensity is reduced and, subsequently, the duration of labor while relaxing the muscular system.

General Pathology Reflexology

Reflexology is a complementary health treatment based on the Zone theory. It is applied with the hands-on limbs through specific pressures and rubbing in order to enhance the proper functioning of particular structures and organs. It is used after a diagnosis has been made to know exactly where to focus, the time to apply pressure, and how to treat the reflex points and areas. Research is being done to better understand its mechanism of action, the limits of its application, the positive results, and the combinations of its effect with other methods.

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